New York City’s Fresh Take on the Old-Time Carousel – Immerse Yourself on the SeaGlass

by Carolyn Sotka


Photo by Karsten Moran for The New York Times.

Last week, a carousel like you have never seen before, opened in Lower Manhattan’s Battery with an interesting twist, instead of horses – fish await for your ride through an underwater world.

The stainless steel ‘tank’ reflects electric bioluminescence and aqueous patterns are projected on the nautilus -inspired ceiling. This immersive sensory environment is accompanied by ‘bubbly’ sounds, adapted from Mozart’s 40th Symphony and Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet.


The SeaGlass Carousel is 46 feet in width with 30 mechanized fish as your chariot. Photo by Karsten Moran for The New York Times.

The $16 million SeaGlass Carousel is an immersive experience and the brainchild of the Battery Conservancy, which manages the park in partnership with the city. “Children and adults should feel as if they are fish,” Warrie Price president and founder of the Battery Conservancy told The New York Times.

The project was over ten years in the making and the carousel was designed by designed by the George Tsypin Opera Factory – known for the set of the Broadway musical “Disney’s Little Mermaid”.

The carousel is home to angelfish, butterflyfish, Siamese fighting fish, lionfish, triggerfish, wrasses and a blue discus. Amazing. 

Read more in The New York Times article, New York’s New Carousel Puts You in a Whirling School of Mechanized Fish. – CS

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