Help S/V Carthago Sail Water Filters Around the World to Those Who Need Them Most

by Owen James Burke

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Gina Harris and Jose Castello aboard Carthago. Photo courtesy of Couch Sailors.

S/V Carthago, a Beneteau 423 will be departing from San Francisco Bay this fall, and aboard it will be my good friends Jose and Gina who are quitting their jobs with plans of circumnavigating this fine globe. For their voyage, they’re joining nonprofit organization Waves for Water as “Clean Water Couriers” to collect as many portable water purification filters as they can and deliver them to the places they visit that lack clean or accessible water.

This is where you come in. While each of these filters can supply enough water for about 100 people a day–and last for up to 5 years–they cost only fifty dollars a piece. That’s right–cut out a few drinks at the bar this week and you could buy access to clean water for an entire village.

Since the program began in 2012, Waves for Water has already facilitated the distribution of over 100,000 filters and provided access to clean water for up to 7.5 million people. Donate to Carthago‘s Waves for Water campaign here.

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Photo courtesy of Couch Sailors.

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