Entire Pueblos in Spain’s Surf Mecca Are for Sale, Some Even for Free

by Owen James Burke


Above: The beautiful, rugged reefs and cliffs of Galicia in northwest Spain. Photo: Shutterstock via Curbed.

Fertile, food-rich reefs and soils, pristine well water and “a lovely little trout river” surround the abandoned village of O Penso in Galicia, Spain–a short 6 miles from the region’s infamously surf-strewn white sand beaches, and it’s all for sale.

O Penso is a 100-acre hamlet with 6 houses, two barns, an orchard with figs, peaches, walnuts, chestnuts (the list goes on), and a cattle barn fit for 70.


Photo: Lauren Frayer for NPR.

Above: A few of the six houses for sale in the abandoned pueblo of O Penso in Galicia, Spain. Some buildings will require more renovations than others, but the 5-bedroom below, with its clean hardwood floors and exposed beams, looks almost livable as is.


Photo: Lauren Frayer for NPR.

The last resident died 10 years ago, and the village has since been abandoned–the first time in perhaps 500 years, NPR‘s Lauren Frayer reports, and as younger generations flock toward cities in search of work, older generations are eager to see their once-vivacious countryside revitalized.

The asking price for the entire village? About $230,000–mind you, there’s room for negotiation. Other villages situated on less-fertile lands? Not unlike recent trends in France and Italy, they are free, if you’ll promise to renovate. Swoon away.

Listen to the NPR story below, and read more in NPR‘s Parallels. -OJB

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