Wish You Were Here: The Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

by Owen James Burke

Scuttlefish writer Owen James Burke is currently rambling around New Zealand, living in a van (or soon to be) with a camera, surfboard and speargun in search of stories, waves and fish. We’re putting together a waterperson’s guide to the island nation, but meanwhile, we’ll be publishing stories and photographs, short updates along the way from the Yankee in Kiwiland. -CD


Out in the distance is Little Barrier Island, which is, according to many, among New Zealand’s greatest wildlife refuges and diving destinations. (Also visit Great Barrier Island, next door.) Photo: Owen James Burke.

A skip away from Auckland is New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula, or heaven on earth, as I know it. There is a veritable smorgasbord of seafood within arm’s reach from shore, and a long as you’re responsible, it’s yours for the taking. Paua (abalone), snapper, kingfish (yellowtail) and mussels lie beneath a rhapsody of blues and greens.

Dry, cool summer nights give off a Mediterranean feel, and the stars. Oh, the stars. Just don’t forget to pack some garlic and a couple bottles of dry New Zealand Sauv, as the green-lipped mussels are best served drunken. -OJB

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