This Is the World’s First (Entirely) Catch and Release Aquarium

by Owen James Burke

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Screenshot: Hakai Magazine’s video, “Catch, Borrow, Release.”

Every March, the Ucluelet Aquarium on Vancouver Island, Canada sets out to catch specimens for their hands-on exhibits, and every December, the aquarium closes and the critters are released.

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Screenshot: Hakai Magazine’s video, “Catch, Borrow, Release.”

The event has drawn so much attention that in recent years it has turned into a fundraiser for the aquarium.

Others have experimented with the catch-and-release aquarium model, but not necessarily as diligently; where I grew up on Long Island Sound, our local aquarium attempted to release species back into the wild, but few survived their lives in the tanks.

Ucluelet, by contrast, has a veterinarian on sight before the release in December to ensure that the animals are okay to make their journeys home. For migratory species, they even take the extra step to travel to the place where they should be at that time of the year.

Read more at the Vancouver-based Hakai Magazine. -OJB

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