Part of What Appears to Be a Boeing 777 Wing Just Washed Ashore on Reunion Island; Is it from Flight MH370?

by Owen James Burke


Above: Investigators arrive on the scene at Reunion Island. Photo: AFP/Getty Images.

The answer may seem obvious enough to some, but experts are waiting for certainty.

Other Boeing 777s have crashed into the Indian Ocean in recent years, including Yemenia Airways Airbus A310, which went down off Reunion in 2009. Still yet, the partial debris may be the flaperon (a gimbaled foil on the back edge of an airplane wing) of an even older crash.

Xavier Tytelman, an airplane security expert based in France, received a set of photos from a journalist on Reunion Island after a group of ecologists performing a beach cleanup came across the six and a half foot long battered sheet of metal. While investigators on scene are undertaking a more thorough (and physical) analysis, Tytelman says he’s found the letters and numbers “BB670” which may be part of a serial number, though they don’t match that of MH370

Read more at the BBC and WIRED. -OJB

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