A Special Message in a Bottle and One Man’s Afterlife Voyage

by Carolyn Sotka


Gordon’s ashes found in Key Colony, Florida. Image from Anna Pepe’s Facebook page

Here at the Scuttlefish, we definitely do not condone putting any kind of plastic or trash into the sea but the sentiment behind this story was too sweet not to share.

Back in 2012, a widow put the ashes of her husband of more than 70 years, Gordon, into a plastic bottle. Inside she included a note to call her and a dollar to do so. She released the bottle in Big Pine Key, Florida as a way to memorialize Gordon because he loved to travel.

Gordon first made it to Islamorada, where someone added another dollar and note and sent him on his way. Next stop was last week, according to the Facebook link in the caption above. A hotel worker in Key Colony, Florida found the bottle; called Gordon’s wife in Tennessee, who was delighted to receive the news and hear of his travels thus far. They also added a note and dollar but moved his ashes to a rum glass bottle. After a short memorial on the beach, he was pushed back into currents to carry him away. Perhaps on this next leg, Gordon will make it out of Florida and if so I hope we continue to hear about it.

Lessons to take from this – ashes can travel the world without being in a bottle and every time you are at the beach pick up litter whenever you can. Who knows, maybe you will find a treasure too. – CS

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