Watch and Listen to Orcas in Deep Conversation off Alaska

by Owen James Burke


Photo: Tim Melling/Flickr.

Most of us have heard the songs of the whales, whether it’s been in museums, nature documentaries, and some of us have even played their aural works of art at our bedsides as we drift off to slumber at night.

The video below, showing a pod of whales off Ketchikan, Alaska, was filmed on just an iPhone–and vertically, unfortunately–but is uniquely backed by a soundscape of the whales’ subsurface conversations, thanks to a “hydrophone”, or underwater microphone, which is connected to a speaker amplifier.

Generally speaking, scientists and tourists alike do not have the opportunity to simultaneously see and hear whales; it’s usually one or the other, but on this day, Ketchikan Charters’ clients were rewarded. They were not only treated with a front row seat to witness their graceful dance, but a chance to eavesdrop on their conversations, too.

Learn more about Ketchikan Charters and book a trip here. -OJB

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