This Weird Little Fish Was Discovered in a Japanese Fish Market. What Is It?

by Owen James Burke


“This little guy I found at Mitsuhama market is too cute!” Photo: @kqzvm1Rug.

This week, Twitter user @kqzvm1Rug posted a picture of a strange but precious-looking little fish he found strolling through the fish market in Mitsuhama, Japan.

Japan’s marine biologists are scrambling to figure out what, exactly, the little goggle-eyed shark-like fish is, but have reported no progress toward identifying it as of yet.


With such large eyes, whatever it is probably came from the aphotic zone, the column of water which less than 1% of sunlight reaches. Many creatures which inhabit this environment have relatively large eyes, which scientists believe is an advantage when it comes to finding a meal. Photo: @kqzvm1Rug.

Don’t ask about the furry kitten-thing hanging from the ceiling in the background in front of the fishmonger. We have no clue what that is, either.

Unfortunately, the fish passed on before marine biologists had the chance to study its behavior and return it home to the water. Another mystery of the abyss. -OJB

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