This Is How to Rescue Your Pet Goldfish When It’s Knocking on Heaven’s Door

by Owen James Burke


“Einstein” the goldfish lives, thanks to his custom life jacket. Photo: South West News Service.

Swim bladder disease (swim bladder disorder, or flipover) is prevalent among aquarium fish, especially goldfish, and without meticulous care and attention, marks them for death.

So when one of goldfish trainer Leighton Naylor’s star pupils,”Einstein”, began turning upside-down and falling to the bottom of the tank, he was heartbroken and desperate. What could he do for his finned friend but sit back and watch the inevitable?


Some past innovations, while deserving of creative ingenuity, haven’t worked out so well. Photo: South West News Service.

Leighton had read about a carp that was once saved with a suspended wine cork, but imagined it might be painful, and he didn’t want this piscine floatation device to be too cumbersome for his scale-clad prodigy, so he began playing around with ideas for other solutions.


Einstein, happy as a clam, we’re guessing. Photo: South West News Service.

Leighton came up with a design using aeration tubes, which took three hours to custom-fit to Einstein.

At first, he was bouncing into things and getting hung up on the aquatic flora that adorns his tank, but after Leighton “rearranged the tank to make it disability friendly he’s been absolutely fine”, reports the dedicated fish keeper.

Einstein is able to share a tank with his friends now, Pat, Frank and Blondie, but requires a special feeding tube as he can’t reach the surface without assistance. Surely, Pat, Frank and Blondie are elated to see their comrade swimming and in good spirits again.

Watch a short video clip of Einstein and his PFD (piscine floatation device) in action:

Read more at the South West News Service. – OJB

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