These Are Our Top Ocean-Themed Picks from the 2015 iPhone Photography Awards

by Owen James Burke


Honorable mention in the “People” category. Photo: Chengyuan Lu.

The iPhone Photography Awards are in their 9th year, and as iPhone lenses improve with each generation, so do the pictures, which are starting to make a case for leaving the DSLR at home (or on the store shelf).


1st Place in “Food”. Photo: Xu Lin.

Almost every fish-eating culture around the world has a method of drying fish, each meticulously artful in their own way. Above is perhaps one of the more photogenic approaches.


1st place in “Lifestyle”. Photo: Fabio Alvarez.


Honorable mention in “Food”. Photo: Alexa Seidl.

An eastern shore American classic. Blue crab, blue claw crab, or Maryland blue crab, whatever you’d like to call them, are, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful and delectable crustaceans in the western hemisphere, and they’re in season now.


1st Place in “Abstract”. Photo: Ben Schuyler. Pacific Northwest, USA.


2nd place in “Lifestyle”. Photo: Mandy Blake.


Honorable mention in “People”. Photo: Chun Wai To.


Honorable mention in “People”. Photo: Chengyuan Lu.


Honorable mention in “Sunset”. Photo: Ali Youssefi.

See the rest of the winners, runners-up, and honorably mentioned at the IPPA. -OJB

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