Buy Cyrus Sutton’s Surf Van, Stop Paying Rent, Quit Your Job and Get Lost.

by Owen James Burke


Cyrus Sutton’s iconic Ford 2003 Econoline, VanHalen, is now up for auction on eBay. She’s traveled far and wide, but Cyrus has given her all the love a van could ever ask for.


The interior is all wood which makes her easy to keep clean and tidy, she just needs a little varnishing every two or three years. Photo: Cyrus Sutton.


She sleeps three, or one and 6 surfboards, give or take, Cyrus tells me. Photo: Cyrus Sutton.



With the help of a few friends, Cyrus built her out himself, including the loft roof addition with skylight. Being able to stand up inside your home on wheels is asubstantial–some might say essential–luxury of van life. Photo: Cyrus Sutton.


VanHalen comes with a stove and propane tank in her kitchenette area, and if you wanted to get ambitious, you could consider putting in a sink. Photo: Cyrus Sutton.


I’ll bet you don’t see this out your window right now. Photo: Cyrus Sutton.

Read more about VanHalen and Cyrus Sutton’s plans for the next one in line from a chat he and I had a couple weeks back, when I picked his brain a bit about living in a van by the seaAuction for VanHalen ends next Thursday. -OJB

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