100% Agave Surfboards Are Almost Here: Legendary Shaper Gary Linden’s 25-Year Quest to Make a Sustainable Surfboard

by Owen James Burke


After a recent visit to the Jose Cuervo factory in Tequila, Mexico, Linden may have discovered how to produce nontoxic surfboard resin from the agave plant. Photo: Jose Cuervo Tradicional.

For the past 25 years, 44-year Californian surfboard shaper Gary Linden has been on a tireless mission to produce the world’s first 100% nontoxic, sustainable surfboard. With the help of agave, he’s now almost there.


Linden gathers agave blooms, splits them into planks, and glues them together using an agave resin. Photo: Jose Cuervo Tradicional.

Agave is lightweight and buoyant like balsa wood, so it’s a perfect material for surfboards. Its sap–from which honey is also made–serves as a sealant or finishing resin, so everything is plant-based. The boards won’t be cheap, but if you do pick one up when they become available, it’ll be a work of art you can also hang on your mantel.


Photo: Jose Cuervo Tradicional.

Linden–who is 65 years old and just recently paddled into Jaws, Maui’s notoriously remorseless big wave break–has tested the board himself and deemed it surfable. The only problem is that the agave resin sealant is not entirely waterproof, yet. But with the help of a biochemist in research and design, he’s confident he’ll get there.

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