Wish You Worked Here: The Tourist Trap, St. John, USVI

by Owen James Burke


Photo: The St. John App Blog.

Every time I drove past this small establishment which is miles out on one of St. John’s less-traveled roads–a beautiful and remote stretch of the island occupied by a lot of quirky characters, to say the least–I found myself wondering what it would be like to work (and live) there.


The view from The Tourist Trap, looking back toward Coral Bay. Photo: Wildcat Sailorgirl

Unfortunately, I almost never saw The Tourist Trap open, and even when it was, it looked closed. Still, I’m told by locals it’s a popular, ‘regularly’ open joint for a post-Salt Pond swim cocktail (visit Salt Pond to swim with sea turtles) and standard stateside fare like hot dogs and nachos, but with a slight Caribbean twist. Try the Virgin Island signature ‘Painkiller’–no, pharmaceuticals are not included.


It’s modest, but there’s ice and shade. Photo: Wildcat Sailorgirl

News of St. John reports that the colorful New England ‘ex-pat’ who runs The Tourist Trap is retiring. (Although the USVI is part of the US, transplant residents prefer to call themselves ‘ex-pats’ anyhow.) Confined as it is, an established business on this 20-suare-mile island is a veritable goldmine, and all things considered, the price is right, too.

Learn more at News of St. John. -OJB

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