Robo-Turtle: This Injured Sea Turtle Just Received a Prosthetic 3D-Printed Titanium Beak

by Owen James Burke


“Titanium Turtle Jaw”. Photo: Btech Innovations.

“Akut-3”, or so this loggerhead sea turtle is being called, recently lost half of his beak to a motorboat propeller off Turkey. Before 3D printing, rescuing her was unimaginable. Today, a quick call to a lab, overnight shipping and a couple hours under the knife have this reptile in recovery at a rescue center which plans to send her back to sea, provided the new beak takes hold.


“Akut-3” (named after Arama Kurtarma Derneği, or AKUT for short, a nongovernmental search and rescue association) is already testing his new wares and moving his jaw again. Once he proves he can feed himself, he’ll be free to go. Gif via The Daily Mail.

You can watch a Turkish broadcast segment on the prosthetic beak below, but it’s in Turkish:

Read more at PopSci. -OJB

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