150 Abandoned WWII Aircraft Discovered off the Marshall Islands in the Pacific by Wisconsin Diver

by Owen James Burke


“They should have flown more, lived longer,” said Brandi, “but they were sunk in perfect condition”–most of them, at least.

Over 70 years have gone by since these aircraft were lost to the western Pacific, and, lo and behold, a Wisconsin woman just happened to come across the graveyard of what is estimated to be over 150 planes that were lost after being decommissioned and dumped in 130 feet of water at the end of World War II.


A cockpit, stripped by the sea.


A lionfish meanders around one of the planes that did not make it to the depths in the best condition. Fortunately, it’s created a perfect substrate for coral.


Many of the planes lie relatively preserved and intact, apart from being caked in sea life.


Brandi Mueller from Cameron, Wisconsin was taking time off from the Coast Guard to teach diving in the Marshall Islands when she located the planes.

See more of Brandi Mueller’s photographs and read more about the planes here. –OJB

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