A 20 Foot (Great White?) Shark Was Mysteriously Delivered to a Backyard in Qingdao, China

by Owen James Burke


Just another day in the neighborhood. Photo: ImagineChina/REX Shutterstock.

Identified as a great white, the 6 meter shark was delivered by crane to a man in a Tuhao (“provincial rich”, or “uncivilized splendor”) neighborhood in China’s port city of Qingdao.

One neighbor reported that he caught the gigantic fish “very far out at sea”. Another explained that the resident in question bought the shark, as he had a sizable shark delivered the previous year as well, which he shared with the neighborhood. Apparently the man enjoys skinning, dressing and butchering the endangered animals in his backyard.


Some people have pianos delivered by crane, others rare and endangered deep sea specimens. Photo: ImagineChina/REX Shutterstock.

If this is a great white shark (the species hasn’t been reliably confirmed yet), it would be the largest male ever measured, and about as big as the largest females ever recorded. It’s also protected in Chinese waters, and authorities are purportedly preparing for an investigation.


Read more at the South China Morning Post. Hat tip to David @WhySharksMatter Shiffman! -OJB

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