Watch a Sailboat’s Incredible Voyage to Antarctica, from Above

by Owen James Burke

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Screenshot from “Antarctica” by 

If you’re planning–or have ever considered–a trip to Antarctica from South America by sail, the infamously feared and revered stretch across Drake Passage from Cape Horn and back is probably the first thing that comes to mind. What many of us don’t consider, and what is shown in the montage below, are the miles upon nautical miles of stunningly still, breezeless serenity created by an amphitheater of icebergs, glaciers and mountains–through much of which you may have to drop sail and motor-cruise.

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Screenshot from “Antarctica” by 

I don’t know if it’s the musical accompaniment, the tranquility of the setting or the gracefulness of the whales, but there seems to be something utterly relaxing about the voyage (at least, what’s shown)–a sentiment I wouldn’t expect to have when surrounded by hull-crushing icebergs and marrow-chilling seas, even with the temperamental winds of the roaring 40s (the latitudes between 40 and 50 degrees South) aside.

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Screenshot from “Antarctica” by 

Through all of their footage, I don’t think we see Ariannas sails up once, not that there was even a capful of wind that would have moved her. Makes you wonder, how much coal did Shackleton and Co. burn through running their “iron genoa” (engine)?

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Screenshot from “Antarctica” by , filmed using a DJI Phantom 2 drone and a GoPro Hero 3+ Camera.

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