Video: 2,000 Feet Below the Gulf of Mexico, a Curious Sperm Whale Investigates Nautilus Live’s ROV

by Owen James Burke


Screenshot from EVNautilus

At 598 meters (1,962 ft) below the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana, ROV Hercules encountered a magnificent sperm whale. The whale circled Hercules several times and gave our cameras the chance to capture some incredible footage of this beautiful creature. Encounters between sperm whales and ROV’s are very rare.

The E/V Nautilus, a state of the art exploration vessel traveling around the world, broadcasts HD video from her two ROVs, almost constantly streaming incredible footage from wherever she may roam. These Nautilus Live webcam broadcasts reach thousands of research scientists, explorers and every other kind of expert and non-expert tuning in at any given time, in real time. Best of all for folks like you and me, is that the general public can watch and chime in for free, too – all at the very same time as the team aboard the vessel is still marveling at its own footage. This real time collaboration is the future of exploration. Read a Scuttlefish exclusive interview with Nautilus Live Chief Scientist and Expedition Leader Dr. Katy Croff Bell.

See more wonders of the deep at Nautilus Live. –OJB

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