This Is How the US Coast Guard Prepares Rescue Swimmers for Hurricanes and Sinking Ships

by Owen James Burke


Photo: Robb Scharetg/Popular Mechanics

Roughly 120 applicants people apply to become rescue swimmers for the US Coast Guard in Elizabeth City, North Carolina each year, but only about 25 make the cut and become certified rescue swimmers. This little $25 million pool helps decide who passes.


Photo: Robb Scharetg/Popular Mechanics

Two fans create winds up to 70 miles per hour, while high-powered shower nozzles mimic pelting rain while loudspeakers play recordings of helicopters and thunder from above, all operated by the little control panel (below).


Photo: Robb Scharetg/Popular Mechanics

Watch a video of the training procedures:

Read more at Popular Mechanics. — OJB

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