The Whimsical Underwater Surrealism of Photographer Conor Culver

by Owen James Burke


“People have always been interested in going to see these animals at aquariums or while scuba diving; instead I am bringing these creatures up to us.” – Conor Culver. “Home Security” by Conor Culver

Conor Culver’s “Underwater Surrealism” is a play on the names and habits of marine life by grounding them in the human experience. Apart from chuckles and grins, Culver’s subliminal aim is to illustrate the importance of these creatures by bringing them into our world, above the aqueous currents.


“Cleaning Station” by Conor Culver.

Being the rotund cave-dwellers they are, if grouper were ever to be found on land, surely they would be discovered lurking in a dark side-alley garage.


“Squirrel[fish] preparing for winter” by Conor Culver.

Read more on WetPixel, and see more of Culver’s work on his website. –OJB

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