The Incredibly Creative Jamaican PSA’s of the Wilmots and Friends.

by Owen James Burke

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Screenshot from “Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica.” Watch (and listen) to the video below.

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Apart from his astute storytelling on The Scuttlefish, Inilek Wilmot works (and lives) as a fisheries conservation biologist, a professional surfer, and here, you’ll see, a handy songwriter and musician. The Jamaica Environment Trust was looking for a jingle for their “Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica” campaign, and without hesitation, knew just who to call.

Here’s a little backstory on the project from Ini:

“Me and Jeremy of Jamrock Jingles were asked by the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) to do a jingle for their anti-litter campaign, ‘Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica’ (Don’t Dirty Up Jamaica). We had worked with JET before on their Save Goat Island campaign, for which I and fellow surfer Pierre Diaz wrote the campaign song ‘Don’t Mess with Goat Islands.

The ‘Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica’ campaign stems from the findings of International Coastal Clean-up Day, which is coordinated nationally by JET. The findings  revealed that the majority  of garbage on our coasts was coming down rivers and gullies, especially in the most populated areas. The campaign is targeting the persons on the streets – to get them to think twice before they discard trash, and ultimately be more responsible. ‘Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica’ was a hard line to put into song, and so I decided to call and answer ‘Keep wi island clean, so clean’ as the main hook but still have ‘Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica’ in the chorus. My brother Ivah and I wrote the verse in dancehall deejay style. The track was produced by Jeremy Ashbourne of Jamrock Jingles.”

Here’s an article on The Jamaican Gleaner about JET’s cleanup campaign.

Here’s a killa radio story in dense Jamaican patois.

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“Growing up Rasta.” Photo courtesy: The Wilmots.

Read Inilek’s Scuttlefish features about life, surfing and growing up Rasta, and if you ever find yourself in Jamaica, be sure not to miss out on a stay at Jamnesia, the Wilmot family’s surf camp — Jamaica’s only surf camp famous for “line-less lineups” and legendary music and food. –OJB

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