Seeing Fatima’s Eyes – A New Thomas Campbell Book and Event in Laguna Beach, Friday, April 3.

by Chris Dixon


If I was in Laguna Beach tonight, I would definitely stop into Thalia Street for this. — CD

Seeing Fatima’s Eyes is a new photographic essay by the self-taught painter, sculptor, photographer and filmmaker Thomas Campbell (born 1969), on surfing and life in Morocco. In the early 1990s, just prior to his immersion in the scene around New York’s Alleged Gallery, Campbell would regularly hole up in the North African enclave to produce paintings for solo exhibitions in Paris, New York and Rabat, all the while scouring the coast during the winter months for whatever waves might roll in from the Atlantic. Later, over the last ten years, Campbell brought various surfers of note (such as Dan Malloy, Alex Knost, Craig Anderson, Dave Rastovich and Ryan Burch) to join him there, and to savor Morocco’s glorious climate and stupendous surf. This book, the second in Campbell’s Slide surfing series (following 2012’s Slide Your Brains Out), records these collective Moroccan adventures from the past 20 years, in color and black-and-white images that range from the everyday to the sublime.


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Seeing Fatima’s Eyes. Friday, April 3, Thalia Street Surf Shop, 5-9 PM. Laguna Beach, CA.

The Surf Films of Thomas Campbell.





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