Montezuma’s Revenge. This Week, Scores of Cruise Ship Passengers Learn Why You Should Never Take a Cruise.

by Owen James Burke


Celebrity Cruises-owned Celebrity Infinity made port in San Diego on Monday afternoon, freeing its 2,117 passengers from a floating prison of Montezuma’s Revenge. Photo: The Maritime Executive

Norovirus raged through not just one but possibly two San Diego-based cruise ships this week according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control, each with over 100 incontinent passengers suffering from the stomach wrenching, wall splattering awfulness. Thousands of others fled for the sanctuary of their cabins.

One of the vessels, Celebrity Cruises-owned Celebrity Infinity, returned to San Diego on Monday afternoon to free the passengers and allow the Center for Disease Control aboard to investigate.

It appears that the symptoms of Montezuma’s Revenge began after an April 10th stop in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Another vessel, Legend of the Seas (Royal Caribbean Cruises), has reported a similar nightmare aboard and is expected into port today with an estimated 114 ill passengers. Norovirus also seems likely but, one might not rule out something food-borne contained within the endless sea of consistently generic buffet fare for which large cruises are so famous.

This is the third time Celebrity Infinity has experienced a large-scale norovirus outbreak since 2006. The cruise lines have made clear that they have upped cleaning and disinfection procedures. Thank goodness for that.

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