Meet the World’s (Second?) Octographer

by Carolyn Sotka

shot2 octo1

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Super cool video showing Rambo’s skills as a photographer. Rambo’s camera of choice – a Sony Cyber-shot TX30. Video provided by Sony.

Last month, Scuttlefish posted a story about an octopus grabbing a camera from a reporter and snapping of few shots of him through the aquarium glass. It seemed like just a fluke, until now. Check out our story “Gotcha! Octopus Snaps Picture of Photographer From Inside its Tank .

We now have proof that an octopus can be trained to use a camera and take a composed shot!  SEA LIFE Aquarium located in New Zealand,  partnered with Sony on a project called the “The Octographer.” Working with an animal trainer, the team trained an octopus named Rambo to take pictures of visitors from inside her tank. Yet again demonstrating that octopus are not only one of the coolest creatures around, but one of the smartest too.  – CS

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