Hog Island: The Lost Summer Oasis of New York City’s Elite

by Owen James Burke


Image: Atlas Obscura

A New York Times article from December 17th, 1895 states that Hog Island was born overnight in 1865 off the Rockaways and established as a pig farm by Native Americans, hence its name (another account is that the island itself bore the shape of a hog). By the late 19th century, the pigs and Native Americans gave way to hotels, spas and crooked politicians, such as William “Boss Tweed” and Jay Gould.


Image: Atlas Obscura

Rumor has it that every once in a while, a good storm will reveal the remnants of the island, building a shallow sandbar or sometimes leaving just a spit of sand standing proud above the sea — a grave danger for unwitting sailors.

I’d be curious to see what kind of surf washes over what’s left of the island during the next hurricane season.

Read more at Atlas Obscura. –OJB

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