You Can Help Bring Charles Darwin and the 1831 – 1836 Voyage of the HMS Beagle to Lego Stores Around the World

by Carolyn Sotka

Darwin and HMS Beagle

Vote for Darwin’s HMS Beagle for a new Lego set!

Calling all science geeks and anyone with an appreciation for Charles Darwin’s watershed contribution to the study of evolution. Your vote can bring back to life the voyage of Darwin and Captain Fitzroy through a proposed Lego project that needs your support.

Lego has a cool grassroots initiative that allows fans to submit ideas and raise support for different Lego themes they have designed. 10,000 ‘likes’ is the magic number to qualify for review under the Lego Ideas program, and the good news is that the HMS Beagle and the Voyage of Researchers is already half way there!

The set includes the HMS Beagle, other researchers and three vignettes, each showing a key moment of the observations and discoveries made by Darwin during the voyage. These sets give homage to the discovery of giant extinct mammals in Argentina, observations of marine animal fossils high on a mountain top in Chile, and the discovery of new plants and animals in the Galapagos Islands.


The inspiration for the vignettes came from the books “A Naturalist´s Voyage Round the World: The Voyage of the Beagle” by Charles Darwin and “HMS Beagle: Anatomy of the Ship“, by Karl Heinz Marquardt.



You do have to create an account but it only takes a few seconds and think of how many children (and nerdy adults) will love assembling this set and learning about this incredible moment in history. GO VOTE! -CS

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