“Yawkey” the Leatherback Returns to the Sea – in Photos and Video

by Chris Dixon


After a difficult rescue and a remarkable rehabilitation, “Yawkey,” a 450 pound juvenile leatherback turtle – the first ever rescued in South Carolina – was returned to the ocean at the Isle of Palms, South Carolina. The turtle had been rescued earlier this week from South Carolina’s Tom Yawkey Heritage Preserve – one of the remotest beaches on the East Coast. Though sick and lethargic when first brought in, the turtle’s recovery – via intravenous fluids and antibiotics – was amazingly fast. Here are a few photos and video – courtesy of the South Carolina Aquarium. 


That’s a heavy crate. 


Seeing the sea.


Digging in. 


Probably the last closeup that’ll ever be taken of this open ocean roamer. 


Outta here.

YouTube Preview Image

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