These Are the Submarine Cables That Connect You to the World (as of 2015)

by Owen James Burke


TeleGeography’s 2015 Submarine Cable Map. Credit: Telegeography

The above map may look as though it comes from the time of Magellan and Cortés. It is an homage to the age of discovery, but it is also TeleGeography’s latest edition of the world’s undersea cables, depicting 299 in all (including a few expected to be completed by the end of 2015).


Credit: Telegeography

The insets of the elaborate map (which, yes, can be ordered to adorn your wall here) include graphs and statistics about the advancement of undersea telecommunications, along with a few pieces of folklore for good measure.

For an interactive look at the map and an account of its inspiration, visit TeleGeography’s website — OJB

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