These Are the Intricately Animated Sculptures of a “Natural History Surrealist”

by Owen James Burke


Octopus, bedazzled with butterflies. Photo: Ellen Jewett Sculpture

Ellen Jewett uses her background in science to sculpt lifelike, (almost) anatomically correct flora and fauna using nothing but her hands and a paintbrush.


Photo: Ellen Jewett Sculpture

Jewett starts with a handmade metal wire over which she applies lightweight clay and acrylic paint, using glass for eyes. The results speak for themselves.


Above: A cormorant, night heron and other shorebirds dangle over certain death on Spanish moss-covered branches in some sort of swamp or delta scene reminiscent of John James Audubon’s paintings. Photo: Ellen Jewett Sculpture


Good news for those interested in Jewett’s exceptional art: it’s reasonably priced, if you can get your hands on it fast enough. All pieces on her website is currently sold out, but keep an eye out–I know I will. Read more about Ellen Jewett and her work here. –– OJB

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