The Mystery of the Chinese Flag Discovered on a WWII Japanese Shipwreck off Palau

by Owen James Burke

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This Chinese flag was discovered fastened to a 1944 WWII Japanese shipwreck, and no one knows who did it. Screenshot from Kyodo News’ YouTube video (below)

Japanese divers returning to the site of the Japanese warship Iro were very distressed when they came upon the newly fixed ensign aboard what is not only an archeological site, but a graveyard for many of their countrymen.

The meter-long flag had been attached to the remnants of the ship’s stern with zip ties, and it was reported that whoever (or whichever organization) placed it there had gone to some trouble in order to do so.

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Screenshot from Kyodo News’ YouTube video

Palauan President Thomas Remengesau issued a remorseful statement, expressing that he was “extremely disappointed” by the incident. As of March 23rd, the ensign has been removed.

This isn’t the first time a Chinese flag has been found at the bottom of the ocean (though in many respects it may be the most offensive). In 2010, a flag was found in the south China Sea, waters over which several Asian nations (including China) are furiously jockeying for various interests (natural gas).

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