Southern California Gets a Taste of Winter Under a Blanket of Hail

by Owen James Burke

Screenshot: KTLA

Huntington Beach, Palos Verdes and other parts of Southern California saw a blankets of hail coat their beaches and piers this morning in a rare taste of winter after the National Weather Service issued a “special marine warning.”


Screenshot: KTLA

Unfortunately, the kids didn’t get a snow day, though the main buildings at three schools were closed. The waves don’t look like they were that great, but I wonder if anyone, unawares, was caught surfing at the time.

The 1/2-inch sized hailstones melted in short order, and things were back to normal by afternoon, but if you were hoping to get out for a surf this evening, think twice. Just like rain, the runoff from the storm could send the same pernicious bacteria into the lineup for which the region is known — I once contracted E.coli making that mistake.

Read and see more photos at the Huntington Beach Independent –OJB


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