“Rust: The Longest War” by Jonathan Waldman

by Owen James Burke

Antarctica 2005

“Rusty decaying ship, Buenos Aires, Argentina.” Photo: Kevin Raber

“It turns aluminum white, copper green and steel brown,” writes author and journalist Jonathan Waldman. It is the biggest foe of every nation’s navy, and it “is costlier than all other natural disasters combined.” The United States of America spends over $400 billion each year keeping it at bay. It is rust.

Waldman compiles a humorous history while he travels the United States from Florida to Alaska seeking out characters whose duty it is to forge battle with rust, from Home Depot employees to a high-tech robot that detects rust on pipelines in the Arctic.

In an excerpt, Waldman describes the acquisition and endeavor of a sailboat (Syzygy), one of his first unfortunate encounters with nature’s most penetrating beast:

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