Help Fund Adrian Grenier’s “Loneliest Whale” Campaign to Find the World’s Loneliest Whale and Fight Ocean Noise Pollution

by Owen James Burke


Artwork: Shepard Fairey

The first thing you may be wondering is, why would such a prolific actor begin a Kickstarter campaign for $300,000 when he’s richer than Poseidon? Good question. We’ve got no answers for you. But, the story of the whale scientists know as ’52 Hertz’, or the loneliest whale in the world, is one that needs telling. Funding was originally granted by Worldview Entertainment, but now it’s been frozen. Wherever the financing may come from, the Entourage star is committed to producing the film alongside fellow actor/filmmaker Joshua Zeman (The Station Agent), and for that we applaud him.

While monitoring for Soviet submarines in 1989, the US Navy picked up a strange sound (at a frequency of 52 Hz), which turned out to be a lone whale calling out at a frequency no other whale could perceive. Sadly, no one has ever seen the whale, and it would seem that it’s never found any sort of companionship.

Somehow over 25 years have gone by and there’s been nearly no attention paid to this whale as it swims the vast Pacific without response.

The “Lonely Whale” Kickstarter campaign needs about another $40,000 (which I have trouble believing Mr. Grenier doesn’t carry in his back pocket), but there are less then two days left to help fund the project, and it’s about time someone helps the lonesome beast.

Research will also be conducted to help better understand the effects of ocean noise pollution on whales.

Give what you can to the Lonely Whale Kickstarter campaign here — OJB

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