Have You Ever Seen a Bird Use Bait to Lure a Fish?

by Owen James Burke


Above: a green heron snatches supper by baiting the water with bread. (Image via Techno Crazed)

This video footage of a night heron using bread to coax in fish must be one of the most ingenious acts ever captured on camera of a bird. The derogatory term “bird brains” never held much water for me, as I’ve always respected them; birds have probably been responsible for half the fish I’ve ever caught in my life. I respect them far too much to belittle them with such an arrogance only humanity could have the capacity — or lack thereof — to apply. Watch this bird casually lure in a meal-sized panfish as cool as you like. (Video below)

According to the YouTube poster reeseftube, it through back 9 bluegills, one after the other.

Watch below for another clip of a green heron doing the very same thing:

If you never found a reason any respect for the aves, you’d be a damned fool not to now. — OJB

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