Animal Shred: Surfer turned Artist Kate Barattini Blends Waves with Animals in this ‘Surf and Turf’ Inspired Exhibit

by Carolyn Sotka


Monarch Shred. Courtesy of Kate Barattini.

Kate Barattini’s exhibit Animal Shred is a series that expresses the animal soul of surfers. While surfers shred and glide they are exposing the truest part of their animal existence. A fleshly pleasure that holds no remorse just as non-human animals experience all of their lives.

Animal Shred opens at The Charleston Music Hall on April 23rd , 2015. In her words, here is her inspiration for the collection.

Animal Shred was inspired by people. The surfing kind of people. While all folks are animals all of the time, when we find the water we’re absolute animals, and it is evident when looking through photos of my favorite sliders. 

 This whole idea began when this one photo of a lady slider, Kassia Meador, surfing in Mexico caught my eye. She’s hanging heels in the image and all my mind could think was, ‘man, that would look stunning if she had monarch butterfly wings’.

A while later that idea came to life. The rest of the series blossomed from there. I spent countless hours perusing online image searches of surfers doing their thing and chose the ones that beckoned for a new and improved animal head. Many of the bodies used in the paintings were inspired by the surfers Craig Anderson, Alex Knost, and Kassia Meador. They’re all surfers known for their very rad, unique styles and I personally cannot keep my eyes off of them when they’re in the water.

My focus was to keep the paintings as realistic as my ability would allow and make the animal head somewhat subtle. The idea was to have the paintings be tongue-in-cheek but maintain the surfer’s and wave’s beauty.  Something that would keep the viewer smiling no matter how many times they see the piece.”


Antelope Shred. Courtesy of Kate Barattini.


Lion Shred. Courtesy of Kate Barattini.


Flamingo Shred. Courtesy of Kate Barattini.


Dolphin Shred. Courtesy of Kate Barattini.


Photo of Surfer/Artist Kate Barattini by Justin Morris –

Animal Shred is a series of 10 paintings and will be on exhibit at the Charleston Music Hall on April 23, 2015-June 7, 2015.

Join Kate at the opening on April 23rd from 6-9pm. Everyone is welcome to come by, meet the artist, and enjoy the beauty of surfers and their animal selves. Kate’s work will be accompanied by music from local, surf rocker Matt Dobie. – CS

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