A Malaysian Soldier Just Survived Being Impaled by a Swordfish

by Owen James Burke


Photo: The Borneo Post

According to a curiously vague news report by the Borneo Post, Corporal Jain Bin Humjak, 30, was “on duty during an operation” at one o’clock in the morning when he was pierced in the abdomen by a swordfish. Stationed on Pulau Tegipil, 47 miles northwest of Sandakan, Borneo. Miraculously, reports the Borneo Post, the victim survived not only the initial attack but nearly twelve hours before arriving at the KD Sri Sandakan Base, whereupon he was rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment.


The swordfish is among the fastest fish in the sea. How’d you like to have one of those in your gut? (Image via Global Fish Mounts)

While many questions remain circling this very hazy initial report, two won’t seem to stop burning up my brains: Why would the victim be on duty in the water at 1am? and; How on earth does it take 12 hours to travel, at most 70 nautical miles by powerboat?

Read (very little) more at the Borneo Post — OJB

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