A Biologist Just Named a Fish Species After a Star Wars Character

by Owen James Burke


Above: Star Wars’ Greedo beside a curiously similar looking species of catfish, Peckoltia greedoi, which has been named after him. Image: IFL

While on expedition along the Gurupi River which spills out along Brazil’s remote northern coast, Professor Jonathan Armbruster of Auburn University’s Museum of History came across a previously unnamed catfish. After sitting around discussing the specimen at a table, he and colleagues came to the conclusion that it looked like Greedo from Star Wars, which just happened to be one of Professor Armbruster’s favorite characters from the series.


Peckoltia greedoi. Holotype: Auburn University

There certainly is a resemblance in the eyes and lips.


Screenshot via myownstarwars.tumblr

Of all the sea creatures named after popular culture icons, mine will always be this downright punk-rock sea snail named after Joe Strummer.

Read more about Professor Armbruster’s and the new named species at Auburn University’s website. — OJB

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