Wish You Were Here: Janti’s Happy Island, The Grenadines

by Owen James Burke


Janti’s Happy Island, Clifton Harbor, The Grenadines. (Photo: Uncommon Caribbean)

Over a decade ago, a man by the name of Janti was employed to remove empty conch shells from a beach on Union Island in the Grenadines when he was struck with the novel idea to make an island of them. He did just that, and today is the proud proprietor of Happy Island, a refuge for rum, conch and bug (lobster) lovers alike.

It took Janti a few years, a massive pile of conch shells and a little cement, but before he knew it visitors were frequenting the island and using it as a makeshift bar. The next thing he knew he was running a full service restaurant.

If you do decide to head out, be sure to radio ahead — a) to make sure he’s got room, and b) to find out if he’s got fresh lobster. Water taxis are easily arranged if you haven’t got your own dinghy (make sure you pull up in a flat-bottomed boat or you’ll be in for a rude surprise).


Janti Ramage himself, a true and respectable renegade. Photo: Cool Beach Bars

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