Watch a Shark Expert Biopsy a White Shark’s Tumor with a Speargun

by Owen James Burke


Sharks get tumors too, and in the most crippling places. Photo: PT Hirschfield

Shooting a shark object into the chin of a toothy apex predator must be terrifying, but by the same regard, it must have been awfully traumatic for the shark, too.


Photo: PT Hirschfield

Shark expert Andrew Fox was set to track down and biopsy one of several great white sharks with tumors on their chins to try to find out what was causing them. He’d been on the task for two years, but he couldn’t bring one in close enough for a safe shot. Recently he thought to invite “Pink Tank” Hirschfield’s, a shark-loving scuba diver who also knows a thing or two about tumors.

The kindred spirits must have locked, because after a few passes the shark came right up to Fox, who was able to take a clean shot and finally get the job done. Pink Tank lady stayed in the cage, but admitted even she felt apprehensive about the shark’s potential reaction to what might have been the shock of its life.

Read Pink Tank Lady’s full account — OJB

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