This MLB Pitcher Surfs His Way to Spring Training in a VW Van

by Owen James Burke


Above: Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Daniel Norris suits up by of his VW Westy on his way to spring training. Photo: Grind TV

“I live to find 3 things. 1. Eternal life. 2. The strike zone. & 3. Good waves”

Toronto Blue Jays lefthand pitcher Daniel Norris prepares for spring training by surfing his way down the east coast while living in his van. His choice of lifestyle is not only troubling for his team, but the entire Major League Baseball association. Still, there’s little room for criticism; the 21-year-old, who is the MLB’s number 25 overall prospect for the 2015 season, made a sound argument for his case to MLB writer Josh Jackson:

“As a pitcher… You’re the one the whole team’s depending on. Living by yourself in a van, you’ve got to tend to yourself, cook for yourself, and if anything goes wrong, just deal with it. It teaches me a lot about adversity.”

What may be more unsettling for the MLB is that Norris is introducing other players to the world of water, according to Jackson:

“Almost all of my teammates think I’m the weirdest guy in the world. Most people [in baseball] think I’m pretty far out,” Norris admitted. “But when I was in Dunedin in [Class A Advanced ball], I had my paddleboard with me. I took some guys out on that, a couple of guys who hated the water. They loved it! The next day, one of them asked me if we could go out again. It was great to see them get over that fear of the water.”

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