This Is The Inertia’s 2014 Portfolio Challenge Winner

by Owen James Burke


Photo: Brian Bielmann

Brian Bielmann has been a surf photographer for over three and a half decades. He and his lenses have borne witness to some of the sport’s most historic swells. As for the colossal wave of photography’s technological transformation, he’s ridden it graciously. His message to the ensuing numbers of proliferating, aspiring DSLR-weilders: “Think outside the box.”

guinness tahiti wave shoot

Photo: Brian Bielmann

I can’t put into words, entirely, how Bielmann’s images resound with me, I can only say that they make me want to head for water.


It’s not just about the surfing; Bielmann probes into the abstract. Photo: Brian Bielmann

Raimana Jet Ski Wipeout Tahiti

Photo: Brian Bielmann

Then of course there was Bielman’s classic frame of Tahitian surfer Raimana Van Bastolaer ducking under not only thousands of gallons of water, but a matter of feet or maybe just inches beneath a 400-pound jet ski.

Head over to The Inertia to read an interview with Brian Bielmann and his award-winning portfolio. — OJB

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