Spock, Great Defender of Whales. Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy

by Owen James Burke

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With the passing of the late Star Trek icon, it’s difficult for us to think of Leonard Nimoy’s character Spock and not consider the nobility of the actions he took on behalf of the whales. In 1986’s The Voyage Homethe crew hears strange sounds coming from earth. Spock and Admiral venture into an aquarium, where Spock freedives with a humpback whale to try to bridge communication. He surfaces and is met by an angry docent, responding to her aggression by telling her that the animals love her, but they are not hers, and she is no less guilty for containing them in a tank than those who nearly brought about their extinction.

And yet again, aboard the Enterprise, he reprimands Doctor and defends the cetacean: “An unknown form of energy of great power and intelligence…I find it illogical that its intentions should be hostile.”

Rest in Peace, Spock.

Download Star Trek: The Voyage Home (1986)

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