Sign a Petition for the Texas State House to Protect Sharks, and Oceans

by Owen James Burke


Photo: NOAA

The sale of processed shark fins is still legal in all but nine US states, and Texas alone accounts for about half of the nation’s trade.

Dear members of the Texas House of Representatives,

Please pass into law State House bill H.B. 1579 and ban the sale and possession of shark fins in the state of Texas.

Tens of millions of sharks are killed across the world each year simply to supply the demand for shark fin soup. Some species of shark are on the brink of extinction due to the exploitative and wasteful shark fin industry. Sharks are apex predators whose survival affects all other marine species and our marine ecosystems.

While the U.S. federal government has banned shark finning in our waters, the sale and possession of processed shark fins is still legal. The continued trade of shark fins in our state perpetuates the barbaric practice of shark finning by supplying the market and feeding demand. Texas has been responsible for approximately 50 percent of the remaining U.S. trade in shark fins since other states have banned the product in recent years.

Nine other states and three U.S. territories have already banned the trade, possession and sale of shark fins without adverse economic impacts to fishermen or coastal communities. Now it’s your turn to make Texas a national leader in the fight to protect sharks and our oceans.

Please vote to ban the trade or sale of shark fins in Texas.

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