Hundreds of Manatees Storm Florida Hot Spring, Force Closure to Public

by Owen James Burke


Photo: David Scrichte/USFWS National Wildlife Refuge System

Most of the time, in this day and age, I would not want to be a manatee, a slow, docile creature in a breakneck world. But for one day, these 300+ manatees found some much deserved asylum from whizzing propellers and over-obtrusive snorkelers in Florida’s Three Sisters Springs. And this day, I say, would have been a good day to be a manatee.

The springs reopened on Tuesday, but for at least one day, these manatees bathed worry-free. Manatees are known for congregating around springs during winter months when sea temperatures drop, but never, in recent history, have there ever been this many.

The Orlando Sentinel Reports — OJB

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