How a Floating Artificial Reef Could Become the First Oceanic Zoo

by Owen James Burke


“Biodiver[city]” by Quentin Perchet, Thomas Yvon and Zarko Uzelac of France and Serbia. Photo via Bustler

Winners of the Jacques Rougerie (SeaOrbiter) Foundation’s International Architecture Competition were recently announced, and the prize for “Innovation and Architecture for the Sea” went to Project Biodiver[city], a floating “oceanic zoo of awareness.”


Photo via Bustler

5 floating gyres of plastic are currently occupying the world’s oceans, harboring yet also tormenting numerous forms of sea life. Why shouldn’t a floating artificial reef be set adrift too?


Photo via Bustler

“The project is supported by a floating platform with three levels. A tubular structure is suspended to this platform acting as a growth support for all the marine organisms, including corals. The submarine tunnel is enrolling like a vortex through different marine worlds of our oceans. Firstly the surface waters present big mammals like whales or dolphins and visitors can discover the world of coral reef with all its different coral forms and colored fishes. Finally, diving into the blue and yet unknown abyssal word leads us to discover creatures of another time.”


Photo via Bustler

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