A Mayor in the Philippines Wants to Kill Whale Sharks and Dolphins to Save the Fishing Industry

by Owen James Burke


“I want to kill those whale sharks” — Mayor Nelson Garcia, Dumanjug, Cebu, Philippines. Photo: Rappler.com

A shortage of fish in the Tañon Strait in the Philippines is somehow being blamed on whale sharks and dolphins, so during an environmental summit, the mayor of Dumanjug is requesting that fishermen take their aggression out on the mammals of the sea.


Photo: Nathan Burke

If there were ever a reason to begin slaying marine mammals, this could not be it, and fortunately, Mayor Nelson Garcia stood alone in his plea to the summit.

The reality, of course, is that if there is any mammal to be held responsible for a fish shortage, it is surely mankind. While dolphins and whale sharks have comfortably sustained their populations dining on the fruits of the sea, perceptibly since the beginning of their time on this planet, man, as most of the world has come to acknowledge, has not.

When questioned whether or not he was aware of the endangered statuses of both dolphins and whale sharks, the mayor, cited the Bible, replying:

“Man should be the first to survive, not the whales, not the fish, because we will be violating the Bible. God said, man have dominion over the ocean, the fishes, the birds, the animals, and subdue it. That is the order of God.”

In the words of Charlie Brown, good grief.

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