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Month: February, 2015

Our Favorite ‘Slurpee Wave’ Photos of 2015


“I’ve seen frozen waves before around these parts, but not nearly as hollow as these.” — Photographer Mike Bromley

Above, a slushy point break in Nova Scotia goes completely unridden. There have been a few photo essays buzzing around of “slurpee waves,” but photographer Mike Bromley found this nearly frozen Canadian point break and, well, we’ve never seen anything like it.

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Spock, Great Defender of Whales. Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 10.20.45 AM

With the passing of the late Star Trek icon, it’s difficult for us to think of Leonard Nimoy’s character Spock and not consider the nobility of the actions he took on behalf of the whales. In 1986’s The Voyage Homethe crew hears strange sounds coming from earth. Spock and Admiral venture into an aquarium, where Spock freedives with a humpback whale to try to bridge communication. He surfaces and is met by an angry docent, responding to her aggression by telling her that the animals love her, but they are not hers, and she is no less guilty for containing them in a tank than those who nearly brought about their extinction.

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World’s First Grid-Connected Wave Generator Kicks into Gear in Australia

CETOimage_1024 copy

Image provided by Carnegie Wave Energy.

Off the coast of Perth, Australia, Carnegie Wave Energy has switched on a pilot project to feed wave-generated electricity into a local Western Australia grid and provide energy to over 2,000 homes. After a decade of research and development, CETO, named after a Greek goddess of the sea, converts ocean swell into zero-emission renewable power and zero-emission desalinated freshwater. Coastal areas with high energy demands or hard hit by drought over the last few years such as California, could benefit enormously from this technology.

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Help Fund “Unexpected Hawaii” by Debra Casey


“Bros” by Debra Casey.

The hidden coastlines, corners and even alleys of the Hawaiian islands offer up sights that often go missed by even the locals. Hollywood, CA tattoo artist Debra Casey moved to Hawaii in 1996 and fell in love with surfing and photography. This book, for which she’s started an Indiegogo campaign, is a collection of photographs of a lesser-seen Hawaii.


“Wave Fountain” by Debra Casey.

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There’s a Reason People Won’t Move to Pitcairn Island, But Maybe You Should


Photo: Tony Probst/Mercury Press

Pitcairn Island is a two-square-mile rock 3,000 miles off the coast of New Zealand. Before World War II the population was at a peak height of 200. Now less than 50 people live there. Most are descendants of Fletcher Christian, the leader of the infamous 1789 Mutiny on the HMS Bounty. They have Internet, they have satellite TV, and the government is offering up free plots to anyone willing to build and settle on them.

Despite many recent inquiries, only one person has put in an application to move to Pitcairn Island. Here’s why you should be the next.

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On Being Humbled. Tim and the Armless Surfer Girl.

Tim Sherer and Jessica Cox. Screen Grab from the film “Armless Surfer.” 

On Tuesday, an incredible video share appeared up in my Facebook feed. It showed Jessica Cox, a brave girl who was born with no arms, taking a surfing lesson on Maui. I did a double take when I quickly realized that her teacher was an old friend of mine named Tim Sherer.


I met Tim back in 2000, when I was working for Jimmy Buffett – taking photos, shooting video and writing a sort of  travel journal for Jimmy’s Margaritaville website. Tim was – and is – the owner of Lahaina’s Goofy Foot Surf School. He had met Jimmy in Lahaina by way a few mutual friends. When Jimmy offered Tim, a lifelong Parrot Head, the opportunity to work as his surf coach, you could have knocked Tim over with a feather.


Jimmy and Timmy. St Somewhere. Photo: Chris Dixon

Tim and I would become good friends. He was, and is a peripatetic surf wanderer and we shared some insane surfing excursions from Hawaii to Fiji to Panama to Jamaica. When I saw the video of him taking young Jessica Cox surfing, I was blown away. So I rang him up. Tim’s long been a cosmic warrior. It turns out was on a layover in Orlando on his way to trek along on a pilgrimage through India, but he had time for a quick Q&A about one of the most inspiring surf sessions of his life.

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Rest in Peace Dr. Eugenie Clark, First Lady of Sharks


The first lady of sharks at work. Photo: SportDiver/Courtesy of Nina Leen/Mote Marine Laborator

Dr. Eugenie Clark, vanguard marine conservationist and researcher who was known publicly by her honorary title “Shark Lady” and authored Lady with a Spear about her tours through the South Pacific and the Red Sea in the early 1950s, has passed away at the age of 92 in Sarasota, Florida.


Eugenie Clark on assignment for National Geographic in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, 1974. Photo: David Doubilet

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Watch: A Day in the Life of a Coral Reef


A stunning, otherworldly time lapse of life on a coral reef, shot by Sandro Bocci for his upcoming film, “Porgrave,” due out this year.

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