Wish You Lived Here: Bohemia Bungalows, Siargao Island, The Philippines

by Owen James Burke

softies reef sm

Softies Reef, peeling left. If you lived here, this would be the view out your backdoor. (Photo: Surfer’s Journal)

Siargao Island sits 9 degrees south of the equator, worlds away from the nearest city, Cebu (a 50 minute flight), and just far enough from the path of typhoons to comfortably collect the distant, well-groomed swells. There are about 10 breaks on the island including Cloud 9, and a handful more off a pair of islands just a boat ride away. Of course you’d have to get a boat, but how could you not?

Not only would you be surrounded by world-class surf, but diving and big game fishing. There’s an international sailfish tournament held here every year that can be taken as testament. A boat trip or two, a stroll into the local farmer’s market, and your fridge would be brimming for the week. If your idea of retirement is surfing, diving and big game fishing, this might be the place for you.

69's reef sm

Above: Cloud 9, the pride and joy of the Philippines’ breaks, empty.

Bohemia Bungalow is already a fully operational surf camp, so you’ll have a business, and there’s room to expand if you fancy establishing some additional privacy.

guest house sm

This hand-crafted hardwood house consists of 4 beds, 4 baths and a restaurant/bar downstairs. It’s pretty spartan, but at $64,000, you’d be crazy to ask for much more. (Photo Surfer’s Journal)

There’s just one catch: if you’re not Filipino (by birth or marriage), you’ll either have to make the purchase through a corporation or lease long-term. Still not bad options, though time may be of the essence (I may get there first).
Head over to Surfer’s Journal to find out more — OJB
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