Watch the Harrowing Rescue of 5 Fishermen from a Sinking Vessel in Force 6 Winds off Scotland

by Owen James Burke


Screenshot from officialCoastguard‘s youtube video

Last week, the 75-foot Irish fishing vessel Iuda Naofa was fishing for mackerel 48 miles off the coast of Scotland when she began taking on water and put in a call to the Coastguard for assistance, who delivered a salvage pump. But it was too late, the vessel was swamped, and began to sink.

Coastguard Duty Watch Manager Paul Tunstall wrote: “The weather conditions on scene were very rough seas with southerly force 6 winds, evacuating the five crew swiftly and safely before the vessel went down was a great achievement.”

A great achievement? I’d say miraculous, but that’s the humility of the Coastguard. In the case of the Iuda Naofa, these five mariners would most certainly have perished without an immediate and calculated response on the part of the Coastguard. Watch the footage below, and take note that the boat went under within the short time it took for the first two of the crew members to be picked up and brought into the helicopter. The other three were retrieved moments thereafter and flown to a nearby hospital to be treated for mild hypothermia.

Meanwhile, across the pond in the United States, the Coast Guard is celebrating its 100th anniversary today as a member of the armed forces. If you happen to come across any members of the service, be sure to give them thanks for sticking their neck out to save yours.

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